6B Lounge

Atmosphere6B Lounge in Boston is a smaller sized venue with limited space to dance. The establishment has a trendy style of furniture and restaurant style seating all around. Equipped with a full service bar with black countertop marble contributes to the upscale trendy feel. There is restaurant booth seating and lounge style seating all along the walls at the 6B Lounge.

Address – 6 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02108

Phone Number – 617-742-0306

Parking – 17 Beacon St (Beacon Garage)

Closes – 2am

Similar Bars Standard Bars, Places to Dance

Surrounding BarsDowntown

Dress Code – Lenient

Cover Charge – No

Sports on TV – Yes

Crowd – Late 20s to early 40s

Music – DJ, Top 40, hip-hop, pop, rock, 80’s, 90’s, one hit wonders

Line – No

Dancing – Yes (no designated dancefloor)

Guy to Girl Ratio –50/50

Industry Night/Good Weekday Night – Sunday – Open Night Mic beginning at 8pm

Monday – Dinner for Two special ($35 for two entree and a bottle of wine). Also Trivia Night where you can enjoy 25 cent wings while you play beginning at 9pm.

Tuesday – Tapas and Sangria Night (Homemade red sangria and $3 Tapas)

Wednesday – Margarita Night ($6 Margarita specials)

Thursday – Mojito Night ($6 & $8 Mojitos)

Friday – 90’s Night with DJ T-Rex

Saturday – 80’s Night with DJ Pauly B and DJ Drew

My Opinion – There’s always something happening for all kinds of people at the 6B Lounge. The wide range of industry nights attract a variety of people who appreciate the company of good friends. It’s a great combination of a classy place with a modern day feel. The price range isn’t outrageous as most people would expect from a nicer place nestled in between Beacon Hill and the Downtown area. The music is especially good on Friday nights where the biggest crowds gather for 90s night at 6B Lounge Boston. The weekdays here tend to be a lot more subdued than if you go on weekend night I’ve noticed. One thing to keep in mind is maybe going more for the hard liquors than beers when you go here because the bathrooms are singles so you don’t want to have to be going tinkle every 10 minutes and end up waiting in line all night.

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9 Responses to “6B Lounge”

  1. Sergio Flores

    I came here last night with a few of my friends to try their famous Margaritas for $6 dollars. They were absolutely amazing and after 3 of them I ended up bringing out my saxaphone and playing some Georgre Michaels. The crowd enjoyed the free music show, however, I was escorted out by security due to disturbing the peace. The bouncers were extremely polite and professional they allowed me to come back in once I put my saxaphone away. All in all, I will certainly be back to enjoy the scene and lively crowd!

  2. J

    Went here on a Friday night in March and the 90s music was actually pretty good and made me want to dance. The crowd is friendly and some people were dancing. I don’t like how their bathroom is a single though! Always a wait at it! Would come back though for sure.

  3. young slay

    i went here last night really liked the VH1 i love the 9o’s theme overall good place.

  4. Lito

    Visited on a Friday night in March, it was certainly as advertise with great 90’s music, though DJ Rex wasn’t there, the subsitute DJ played a great mix. My only gripe is how expensive the drinks are, I got two redbull vodkas for $19.50

  5. Lisa P.

    I go here on Friday nights all the time for the longest and the atmosphere is always lively, the seating is comfortable and the DJ is like an encyclopedia for the 90s

  6. Lindsey

    I live in the area and I drop by here during the week for their specials all the time. I live for Triva Mondays and 25 cent wings! I like that you can just walk through the back hall and go to Emmet’s too

  7. Ryan M.

    6b makes me want to throw up, my girlfriend makes me go on Friday nights and I hate hip h0p, the 90s and DJ T-Rex, although I do respect his name. I usually just go to Emmet’s while she dances with her friends at 6b.

  8. Serena S

    The DJ dance/bar show is usually not my scene but Friday nights at 6B is the exception. I came with a group of girl friends for a birthday celebration. I was blown away with DJ T-Rex’s music. It was certainly a trip down memory lane. The dance floor is small but intimate; it can be a real pain trying to get by to access the bathroom if you’re at the bar though. Overall I really enjoyed my night and will certainly go back!

  9. S.Bean

    We went there last night,and it was great. We’re from New York City and the Friday 90s night is not bad at all. Cute guys and girls,strong drinks,and they serve appetizers. The only thing I would say is that they need to make sure there is that the bathroom is clean and fully stocked with every thing needed.