Site Philosophy

The purpose of this website is to review each Boston bar, club, lounge and anything in between. When we rate each spot, we try to keep an unbiased perspective to lay out the facts to our readers so they can make the decision on their own in regards to which place they would like to choose. The reasons we made this site are as follows: 1. Because there is nothing else out there that does what we do. 2. Because we could have saved countless hours and nights if we had a reference guide to “going out” and a way to see what a spot was like before we went there. 3. Because there are so many spots that I wish I had known about so long ago that I never found because I had no way to find out about them.

Although we do have an opinion section in each rating we try to not put our opinion in too much because we all like different places and realize that no two people like exactly the same places for the same reason.

Although this website was originally supposed to just be a website based on nightlife, we all love finding funny videos online, funny articles that we all e-mail to each other all the time and we all stay really current with music so we will write blogs about things we find entertaining that have to do with pretty much anything so feel free to read through those if you’d like. If you are a fan of hip hop or any type of music that you hear out at clubs or bars then you should probably check out our music updates too.

You can use the categories on the side to check out blogs by categories or you can click on the “All Blogs” category and look at all of the blogs we’ve had in order.

We hope you enjoy our website, visit it frequently and feel free to leave your comments or feedback, whether it be by e-mailing us, or leaving comments on our blogs posts or commenting your own opinion on places that you have been.

I do want you all to keep something in mind though, this website is not meant to be like Yelp where people just mostly write posts to trash places, generalize the patrons that go there and post ratings that are of no real substance. If people wants to comment on a place they like or dislike, make sure you do it in a tasteful and articulate manner that is helpful to other people who are thinking about going there. I will lay out 2 examples here so I am clear on this so people don’t get confused or upset if I don’t let their comments be posted.

Example 1 – I went to BLANK place last night and the night started off bad because we had to wait in line for 15 minutes and it was freezing out. When we got in the cover wasn’t too bad ($10) and the coat check was only $2. Then we got to the bar and it was pretty crowded and took a little longer to get a drink than I would have liked to wait and my Captain’s and Coke I ordered was extremely weak to the point that I could barely even tell there was alcohol in it. I’m not really into the younger college crowd either and it seemed like there was no one here older than 23 so it made me uncomfortable since I’m in my 30s. The DJ played all top 40 and 90s music but none of the music was really dance music and me and my partner had wanted to dance together but none of the music was really “dance” music. Overall it was not a good experience for me but if I was a 21 year old junior in college I would have probably loved this place.

Example 2 – I went to BLANK last night and the line was insane and the cover was $10 which is soooo expensive!!! When we finally got in it was all girls dressed like whores and guido gorilla juiceheads with tans and spiked up hair. The bouncer was an asshole because he wouldn’t let us cut the whole line and the bartenders we all b****es because they wouldn’t give us free drinks. All these weirdos kept trying to grind all up on me too. All of the people in here were ugly so make sure you never go to BLANK if you want to have a good night!!!!!!!!

Clearly you can tell there is nothing of substance in one of these posts and the other explains exactly why this particular venue didn’t fit their needs. So if you want your opinion voiced then be careful what you say in your comment. Enjoy the site!

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