Alibi Boston

The Scene – Residing in the gorgeous Liberty Hotel, Alibi Boston is a classy bar/lounge that resides on the edges of the West End and Beacon Hill. It attracts a sophisticated crowd of professionals mostly in the late 20s to late 30s range. Alibi Boston is a medium sized venue and when you walk in, you will see a narrow space with some tables and lounge seats. To the left of this room is the main bar which you can access if you pass through one of any of the little jail doors to get to it. If you pass by these doors, towards the end of this main room/hall, take a left and straight ahead you will see another lounge area. Here, there is plenty more plush lounge style seats. During the warm months, right near the entrance to the main lounge room, there is an entrance to the outdoor patio that is rather large and the second bar is located on it. The patio at Alibi Boston can get slammed if you try to get out there past 11pm so go early if you want to get a spot. Despite some candle light on the tables, the lighting inside is pretty dim and there is music playing fairly loud. My favorite part about Alibi is the atmosphere, interior theme and decor. The Liberty Hotel used to be the Charles Street jail which was basically the Boston drunk tank. So Alibi stays try to its roots and the whole bar is themed like a jail. There are jail bars on the windows and on doors on the inside, many from the original jail. It was done very tastefully and creatively so I give the Liberty Hotel two thumbs up for that. Also, it is worth mentioning that I have been impressed with how good the music has been when I have gone to Alibi and there is NO cover!

Address – 215 Charles Street. Boston MA, 02114

Phone Number – 857-214-1144

Parking – Charles Street Parking Garage 144 Charles Street. Boston MA 02114, Valet also available

Closes – 2am

Similar BarsLounges, Upscale Bars

Surrounding BarsBeacon Hill

Dress Code – Medium (but most people are very dressed up here so look the part)

Cover Charge – No

Sports on TV – No

Crowd – Late 20s to late 30s

Music – Top 40, 90s, electro

Line – Yes

Dancing – No

Guy to Girl Ratio – 50/50

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9 Responses to “Alibi Boston”

  1. Mike Fiourntino

    Great set-up for the summer with the outdoor seating area! A upscale place with a little older crowd. Will be back soon.

  2. Ashlee Charters

    This place is great in the summer, and less great in the winter. winter time, youre crammed inside and there is not a lot of space, but its usually a nice crowd. summertime is awesome. the outdoor area is fun,a nd theres couches you can relax and do your thing on them. drinks were super expensive though. if you want a classy place and dont mind dropping 15 bucks on a drink, then youll have fun. if youre used to going to places with 2 dollar drafts, you might have a small heart attack

  3. Jeff D

    Very good drinks here, though expensive and a great place to both see and be seen. We took a friend here for his last night in town before a move to Brooklyn and had a great time checking out the crowd, helping a bachelorette party fend off some unwanted knucklehead advances

  4. Lito

    I have friend who bartends here on Friday nights and is always complaining how tired she is the next day, lol. I need to see her soon but everyone I have talked about Alibi have nothing but great things to say.

  5. Jamie P

    Went on a Friday night, pretty subdued atmosphere, the bouncers and people who work there were pretty cool. Median age of the crowd was maybe 30 and mostly professionals. Lots of suits. We got a couple seats and grabbed a bite while we sat and had some drinks. The atmosphere is very romantic I can see why HNL put it in as one of the best places to take a date in Boston. The whole jail thing is MONEY too. Cool atmosphere.

  6. Paul

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