Beehive Boston

The SceneBeehive Boston is a buzzing, swanky restaurant/bar in the South End that brings in a crowd of professionals in their late 20s to late 30s. When you walk up to the Beehive Boston, you immediately notice the outdoor patio available in the warm months. Walk in and you see a medium sized bar on the much smaller upstairs floor running along the whole right wall. The rest of that area is just restaurant seating and they have a projector screen on the wall showing the band playing downstairs so you feel like you’re in the action. When you go downstairs, the bathrooms are to your left and the band is playing  straight ahead to the right a little. There is some seating in front of the band that you will probably not get unless you get there early. This area is separated from the main downstairs room only by a small railing. Walk straight ahead and you will see the main bar at the back wall with standing room around the bar. The rest of this medium sized room is comprised of more restaurant seating. The Beehive in Boston has a really fancy, artistic atmosphere. It is very nicely decorated with red and white exposed brick, gypsy curtains and draperies, gallery-like artwork, chandeliers and overall has very dramatic decor. The magenta, orange and yellow lights and adornments create a snazzy ambiance and the place is fairly well lit. It can get fairly crowded on the bottom floor but the upstairs bar is usually a little bit more subdued. Beehive Boston is a little off the beaten path of Boston nightlife, but it is definitely one of the most popular bars in Boston. People love it there for their one of a kind decor, fantastic live music and consistently electric atmosphere.

Address – 541 Tremont St. Boston, MA 02116

Phone Number – 617-423-0069

Parking – 505 Tremont Street (Pilgrim Parking)

Closes – 2am

Similar BarsUpscale Bars, Live Music

Surrounding BarsSouth End

Dress Code – Medium (people usually dressed nice here)

Cover Charge – No

Sports on TV – Yes (only a few TVs)

Crowd – Mid 20s to late 30s (good mix of young and old, mostly professionals)

Music – Live Music (jazz usally)

Line – Can form sometimes after 10. One time waited 15 minutes.

Dancing – Not a “dance spot” per se but sometimes when the live music is really good people will dance around, in a white, rhythmically challenged way 😉

Guy to Girl Ratio – 55/45 guys

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3 Responses to “Beehive Boston”

  1. Karina

    Beehive is located in my favorite area of Boston; it is the definition of the original Boston. In addition to the beautiful scenery, the bar is awesome! I love coming here with a group of my girlsss

  2. Darren

    Place was pretty crowded when I went in here. i gotta admit I was surprised how jumpin it was in here. Plus a lot of good looking phillies in here. Going back soon.

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