Bell in Hand Boston

The Scene – The Bell in Hand Boston is a restaurant bar with live music and DJs on the weekends located in the Faneuil Hall area that attracts a mostly a 21-mid 20s crowd. It is a medium to large sized space with basically four main rooms. Upon entering The Bell in Hand Boston, there is a room with some seating to the left, a stage for the live bands straight ahead and a medium sized bar to the right. If you walk through past the bar and the bands, there is a separate room if you go right down a hall in what I call “the corner room.” I call it this because the Bell in Hand layout comes to a point at the end of the space so these side rooms on both floors are triangular shaped. This room has another bar in it and some more restaurant seating. The top floor has a similar layout, but in the main room on the top floor there is more open space for dancing and there is also a DJ booth. This is the room that everyone is waiting in line to get into downstairs. I like The Bell in Hand because there is always stuff going on there, it always reaches capacity, they consistently have good bands and the dance floor upstairs is always jumping. Also, they have flat screen TVs throughout the bar so if you want to catch a game there is plenty of space to do so. The Bell in Hand overall is a very versatile Boston nightlife destination.

Address – 45 Union Street. Boston, MA 02108

Phone Number – 617-227-2098

Parking – Parcel 7 Parking Garage. 136 Blackstone Street. Boston, MA 02108. Street parking also available

Closes – 2am

Similar BarsLive Music, Places to Dance, Standard Bars

Surrounding BarsFaneuil Hall, North End

Dress Code – Lenient

Cover Charge – $10

Sports on TV – Yes

Crowd – Early 20s to mid 30s (Very diverse, college students, recent grads and some older cats in the mix)

Music – 1st floor has live band playing rock & pop, 2nd floor has hip hop DJ

Line –Yes  (Can get very long after 10:30 or so)

Dancing – Yes

Guy to Girl Ratio – 50/50

Industry Night/Good Weekday Night – Tuesday – has live music and karaoke.

Wednesdays – live music

Thurs-Fri they have live music on the first floor and a DJ on the 2nd.

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5 Responses to “Bell in Hand Boston”

  1. Sophia V

    Okay Bell in Hand is a fun time, but seriously, show up early. In the dead of the winter, the line was 30 mins long. Then when I got in it was a 30 minute line to get upstairs to where the DJ and the dance floor area. Like….seriously? I had only an hour to do my thing. Go early.

  2. Ed Love

    I’m not really a dance person like my girl is so I let her go upstairs and do her thing and I watched the live band downstairs. When there’s no functions in the other room, there is plenty of wiggle room here too. I like the versatility.

  3. Mindy

    Solid place all around. I’m 26 and I even felt a little old here especially upstairs so I’d say there is a younger crowd in here.

  4. Bobak

    Bell In Hand is a solid time. I never really hang around downstairs but they have a live band usually from what I hear. My only gripe (and it is a big one) is that you wait in 2 sets of lines to make it to the 2nd floor where the DJ is spinnin’ up tunes, which they usually play nothing surprising, just the typical top 40 tunes. It’s always a good crowd though, make sure to show up early if you want to get upstairs, or else you’ll spend almost an hour or so just waiting in lines to get up there.

  5. Mike K

    I had a Christmas party here for work; you can rent out the corner bar (The side on the corner of Marshall and Union) for parties. They will serve food if you like and were very accommodating.