Best Bars to Take a Date in Boston

People always ask me, what place in Boston is good for this and what place is good for that. A common question I get is what are the best places to take a date in (or around) Boston. I am not much of a romantic myself so this is a difficult question for me to answer but I guess if I was to ever go on a date with a girl, I would want the bar to have a fairly laid back vibe, sexy decor, dim lighting and music playing at a 2 or 3 on a scale of 1-10. Also, I would probably make sure the food wasn’t inexpensive so I didn’t look like a cheapskate. So the bars below are what I came up with. So HNL presents to you in no particular order, some places to bring your budding love to help take it to the next level. Just make sure you shout me out at the wedding 😉


Tia’s on the Waterfront – Okay what I’m going to tell you next is just common knowledge: The North End is the best neighborhood to take a date in Boston whichever way you slice it. Tia’s is right across the street from Faneuil (shopping), 5 minute walk from Hanover Street, and is right in between Christopher Columbus Park (google it) and the water! The restaurant’s menu is mainly seafood but the overall location and atmosphere makes this place stand out to me the most when I think of a spot to take someone special on a date. Go out to the patio at night or as the sun is setting if you want to really spice things up.


Alibi Lounge – Okay I know what you’re thinking. What is romantic about feeling like you’re in jail but Alibi is a dimly lit, comortable lounge with great food, attractive interior design (exposed brick, plush seating and romantic candles) and a very original concept. Also, the Liberty Hotel (the hotel where Alibi is located) is really nice on the outside and on the inside. Pull in there, get your car valeted, and you’re sure to look like a person that knows what they are doing.


Noir (Charles Hotel in Cambridge) – I chose Noir mostly based on the tucked away intimate setting it has and because the interior here is so nice. Noir (black in French) is very dimly lit on the inside and I especially enjoy the Film Noir theme of the in there. Especially with the films playing on the exposed brick in the back. Great restaurant, candle light and good music makes for a winning combination when it comes to going on dates….I suppose. Check their menu here.


The W Lounge – Looking to cut food out of the equation, and to kick it high-class lounge style. The W is just the place for that. This place is gorGeous with a capital g. We’re talking semi-private (no sexy time!) seating areas, a fire pit, water features (little waterfall things), rich earth tones, a large stone wall, ultra high ceilings and the music plays at a perfect volume. I really must admit that the decor and design of this place is something really worth checking out. Your date will surely think you are the one if you bring them here. Well, maybe not that much, but they’ll appreciate the fact you understand the finer things.


Cuffs (Back Bay Hotel) – Is there a theme going on here? Tia’s is in the same building as the Marriott (not owned by them though), Alibi is in the Liberty Hotel, Noir is in the Charles Hotel, W Lounge is in the W Hotel and now we have Cuffs which is in the Back Bay Hotel! I actually did not notice the trend until the last bar. Either way, Cuffs is a VERY upscale Irish Pub. It is pretty much nice to the point that you can’t tell at all they want this to be an Irish Pub. Located in the already upscale Back Bay, the lighting sceme, once again dark, low-key atmosphere and some semi-private seating. Check out the patio on a nice day or night also. Check out the dinner menu here.

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  1. jen

    The W looks reallllly nice. Alibi too.