Bleacher Bar

AtmosphereBleacher Bar has a really cool atmosphere that features something no other bar can say it features… outfield view of Fenway Park! That’s right, you are under the center field bleachers when you are in this bar. Bleacher Bar is painted with Green Monster green throughout, dark finished wood bars, chairs and tables and cool low hanging lights.

Address – 82 Lansdowne Street. Boston, MA 02215

Phone Number -617-262-2424

Parking – Lansdowne Street Garage. 47 Lansdowne Street. Boston, MA

Similar BarsSports Bars, Standard Bars

Surrounding BarsFenway

Dress Code – Lenient

Cover Charge – No

Sports on TV – Yes

Crowd – Mid 2os to late 30s (depends on whether or not there is a game)

Music –  Depends, sometimes there is live bands there and sometimes they will have a DJ

Line – Yes (Sometimes depending on the circumstances since this is a Red Sox bar)

Dancing – No

Guy to Girl Ratio – 60/40 guys

My Opinion – I’m a really big fan of this spot. You can see the field from the bar. There are windows above the urinals which is pretty badass. Great place to grab drink in the late afternoon/or early evening also, even on off nights. Bleacher Bar is the bees knees.

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One Response to “Bleacher Bar”

  1. Tom P.

    This place is awesome during the Sox games. It is literally in the stadium. I went in the bathroom and you can see the park through a window in front of you when you take a pee. Coolest feature I have ever seen in a bar