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Below is a list of each Boston neighborhood and the description of what most of the bars are like in that area. If you live in a specific Boston neighborhood and want to find neighboring bars or are looking for bars in a certain area, this will be a helpful tool for you.


Allston Bars – Mostly early to late 20s, lots of college students (especially BU students) Generally speaking more of a bar scene.

Back Bay/Boylston – Mostly mid 20s to late 30s at these bars. Lots of recent grads and city folks. Generally speaking more of a bar scene but a tad more upscale.

Beacon Hill – The epicenter of Massachusetts politics, grab a drink with the politicians or meet for a drink in this upscale Boston neighborhood with friends at night.

Boston Outskirts – Some of the surrounding towns around the city have great nightlife too. These are some of HNL’s favorite, most notable bars and clubs in the surrounding zip codes you might want to check out. These places are usually more of a mix of the local crowd and some city crowd which makes for a tad bit of a different feel.

Brighton – The last frontier of Boston, Brighton is just west of Everett Street and Gordon Street (Allston) and many college students (Boston College) and 20 somethings call these bars home.

Chinatown/Leather District – Within walking distance of the Theater District, these venues mirror its upscale, clubby vibe.

Faneuil Hall – The home of the college and 20-somethings crowd, this extemely popular nightlife area is nestled nicely in between the Financial District and the West End. “Faneuil” is characterized by its irish pubs, and bars with live music.

Fenway/Kenmore Square – Characterized mainly by its sports bars, most of these bars reside on the outskirts of Fenway Park and Kenmore Square. A very diverse crowd of mid 20s to 40s call this place home.

Financial District/Downtown – Probably the most diverse area in Boston as far as its contents. The Financial District has clubs, bar/club hybrids, and many traditional bars and pubs.  Many places begin to liven up around 5pm when the state street crowd filters in for some after work drinks.

Mission Hill – Mini Allston/Brighton, this area is definitely characterized by its dive bars swarming with college students (Northeastern, Mass Art, Wentworth, Boston Conservatory and Berklee) and 20 somethings.

North End – Very historic, upscale area. Probably the best place to take a date in Boston for a walk down Hanover Street, along the harbor or through Columbus Park. Many great restaurant bars, mostly 30 and 40 somethings

South Boston – Home to such books and movies as Good Will Hunting, Mystic River, The Departed, Gone Baby Gone, and Boondock Saints. Along with “Southy’s” rich history is a vibrant nightlife scene that is characterized mostly by Irish Pubs and Traditional bars frequented by mostly 30 and 40 somethings.

South End – With Brownstones and Bowfronts everywhere, this newer Boston neighborhood (mostly built on fill on top of old marshes) is home to a sophisticated upscale crowd and is more of restaurant/bar scene.

Theater District/The Alley – The clubbiest, most upscale, possibly most frequented area of Boston Nightlife. This slab of real estate is home to “The Alley, Bay Village and the famous Theater District. Often considered to be pretentious by the people who tend to avoid it, make sure you are on your A game and you bring your wallet and dancing shoes in most these venues.

West End/TD Garden – Known most for its sports bars, come to the West End to grab a drink before, during or after a Bruins or Celts game. Mixed crowd due to its proximity to the Garden, mostly mid 20s to mid 30s call this place home.

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