By Category

Here we show you each bar in Boston by certain popular categories or types of places people like to frequent. So if you only like Dive Bars, you can find every dive bar in Boston on that link. If you only like places you can dance, click on Clubs and Dance Spots, so on and so forth.

College Hangouts (Bars Frequented by College Students)

Dive Bars (Bars That Have the “Dive” Atmosphere Some of you Crave)

Irish Pubs (Bars with an Irish Pub Theme)

Live Music (Bars That Have Live Music Certain Nights)

Lounges (Places with Lounge Style Seating — Usually Pretty Nice on the Inside)

Others (Bars That Have Some Unique Feature That Stands Out)

Places to Dance (Places You Can Go and Get Low)

Sports Bars (Bars That are Based Around Sports)

Standard Bars (Bars That are not “Upscale” but not “Dive” either)

Upscale Bars (Bars That are Very Nice Inside)

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