Clarkes Boston

The SceneClarkes Boston is a charming Faneuil Hall staple that attracts a mixed crowd of mostly 20-somethings. At the entrance, you will see a medium sized, square-shaped room that is for the most part dominated by a large square bar. You will notice finished wood and exposed brick all over the place and a few high restaurant chairs and tables. Walk through the first room of Clarkes Boston and you will see the entrance to the second room, which their is a line to get in to from time to time. This room has a bit more of an open layout, with another four-sided square bar to your right, some seating around the edges, open space straight ahead and a library to the left. Well, not a real library but it is decorated to look one. The library is a cool feature of Clarke’s and it gives this room a smart and cozy feeling. A few people will usually be boogying in the open space in the middle of the room because it makes for a nice little dance area. What I like about Clarke’s is the welcoming, friendly vibe it has making it a great place to go and meet new people. Clarke’s Faneuil Hall is off the beaten path of most other bars in this area but it has always been a very popular Faneuil watering hole.

Address – 21 Merchant’s Row. Boston, MA 02109

Phone Number – 617-227-7800

Parking – 75 State Street Garage (located at 5 Broad St) (only $14)

Similar BarsFaneuil Hall

Surrounding BarsStandard Bars

Dress Code – Lenient

Cover Charge – $5

Sports on TV – Yes

Crowd – 20 somethings (many college students and recent grads)

Music – Top 40, some old school

Line – Gets pretty crowded from what I’ve seen, I went late one night and had to wait about 10 minutes before they could let us in, and the bouncer wasn’t just holding the line like they would at other places. They were legitimately too full to let us in. Go early.

Dancing – Kinda sorta, there was an area in the second room where some people were dancing but I’m still not sure if I would consider it a dedicated dance floor

Guy to Girl Ratio – 55/45 guys

Promotions – $3 miller light draughts and  $3 watermelon sherbet shots

Industry Night/Good Weekday Night

Sunday – Dirty Water Tv’s Sunday Funday, 1/2 priced apps and $3 beers from 6-9pm and open mic from 9-11pm.

Tuesday – Trivia from 6-8pm

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2 Responses to “Clarkes Boston”

  1. Don

    The Don approves of Clarke’s. I had been to Faneuil about 100 times before I even found this place. Good find though. I was pretty drunk but I think that in the far room there was like a library or something. I’ll be back to get to the bottom of this.

  2. Alisha

    The place was actually pretty packed when I went there and I had to wait in line to get from one room to another. Both bars in here are really big. Nice crowd in here but it seemed a little bit cliquey.