Cure Lounge

The SceneCure Lounge is a stylish, upscale lounge in Boston’s Theater District that brings in an attractive crowd of 20 and 30-somethings. New as of December 2010, it is in the basement of the Wilbur Theater and has one of the nicest interior designs and lighting schemes of any place in Boston. Once you enter Cure Lounge Boston, you will walk down a flight of stairs into the main room, which has plush lounge seating and VIPs all over the place. There is a huge marble bar taking up the majority of the back wall. LED lights shine snazzy blues and purples all over the bars and walls, making the interior really pop out at you when you walk in. There are private VIP seating areas off to the sides and separate rooms with their own bars and more seating that you can rent out for the right price. Their VIP areas are some of the nicest I have ever seen in Boston or anywhere else for that matter. Cure is a lounge and does not have a designated dance floor but they do bring in really good DJs and play the newest, best club music here. What stands out to me about Cure Lounge is the gorgeous interior and if you ever want to host a party, Cure’s VIP areas will surely impress your guests.

Address – 246 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02116 (under the Wilbur Theater)

Phone Number – 617-695-2250

Parking – 274 Tremont Street. (Tufts New England Medical Center Parking Garage) There is also a number of parking lots

Closes – 2am

Similar Bars Lounges, Upscale Bars

Surrounding BarsTheater District

Dress Code – Strict

Cover Charge – $15 at door/$10 if you’re on list

Sports on TV – No

Crowd – Mid 20s to late 30s (very upscale, stylish crowd)

Line – The night I went there was no line and it was about 11 when we got there but it was a Friday. The next night we drove by and there was a decent sized line of about 15-20 people. I’d go early.

Dancing – No (no designated dance floor but there is good music so some people do dance

Guy to Girl Ratio – 50/50

Industry Night/Good Weekday Night – Thursday nights are promoted by Space Entertainment and is supposed to be Cure’s best night. The DJs play a mix of House, Techno, Latin, Hip-Hop. Cover is $25 and $15 if you’re on the list. Call 617.695.2250 to get on the guest list.

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8 Responses to “Cure Lounge”

  1. Tim C

    Upscale lounge with Theater District written all over it. It does not have a dedicated dance floor, but people were dancing here and there and there was definitely club music being played. The place is hard to spot for being in such a highly trafficked Boston club area. It is right on the corner of Kneeland St. and Tremont St. and is actually located under the Wilbur Theater. It is mainly hard to spot because there is no large sign saying Cure Lounge or anything. There is just the ropes to show you where to get in line. Cure was not packed to the brim or anything. Friday, being a lower volume night everywhere in Boston, usually will do that to a place. The crowd was a median age of 29 I would say. As far as I’m concerned, this would be a great place to get a VIP and have a private party because the VIPs were completely separate and very private. The drinks were strong and the bartenders were nice and the bar never got too crowded. I did drive by there Saturday night too and saw a line of about 15 strong but Friday night there was no line there at all. As far as cleanliness and aesthetics, overall I would give it a 9. Also, being an upscale place, make sure you bring your wallet because drinks are on the expensive side (which is expected at a nice place) and cover is $15 and $10 if you’re on the guest list. 6one7 Productions was the promotions company running the show the night I was there.

  2. Lito

    Tough crowd if you’re looking for a place to pick up girls via dance skills, not really the place for it but is a very cool lounge and would definitely go back with a group of females….the bartenders are wicked hot too! 😀

  3. Stuart D

    Went there for the first time last night, and the scene was pretentious… I felt like I was surrounded by the people in Boston who think they are ‘SOOOO COOOOOL!’ I never knew this place even excised, and now that I know, I could care less

  4. Brittany

    I had a really good time at Cure lounge. went there 2 weeks in a row and dont understand why people dont like it. I guess cause they had a hard time getting in.

  5. Octavia

    The place is fantastic and the music is really good. But the best part is NO SKETCHY CROWD. They are really strict about that. If they see a guy or a girl getting too drunk or ‘misbehaving’ by acting too slutty, they kick them out.

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  7. Surinder

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