Delux Boston

Atmosphere – Contrary to its name, Delux… not. Delux Boston is a dive bar for sure BUT it has more character than almost any bar I have ever seen. I am poking fun at Delux Boston but I actually love the atmosphere of this place. It has spunk. From the outside the place actually looks condemned. The inside is small and very dark but has a welcoming vibe. They have Christmas decorations up year round, an old TV playing cartoon network (HNL 1st), posters of dead celebs all over the wall (Elvis has his own wall) and all sorts of other random stuff on the walls. There is light wood paneling along the walls that matches the light wood finished bar. There is some restaurant seating available here also. Delux Boston has a VERY charming interior.

Address – 100 Chandler St. Boston, MA 02116

Phone Number – 617-338-5258

Parking – 126 Dartmouth Street (Dartmouth Street Garage)

Closes – 1am

Similar BarsDive Bars

Surrounding BarsSouth End

Dress Code – Lenient

Cover Charge – No

Sports on TV – They have a TV, but usually there is not sports playing. Last time I went I think there was cartoons on.

Crowd – Mixed during the week. Weekends is mostly people in their early to mid 20s.

Music – Classics

Line – No

Dancing – No

Guy to Girl Ratio – 60/40 guys

My OpinionDelux Bostonis off the beaten path in South End, pretty close to Back Bay and the Theater District. It has cheap drinks (pretty sure I ordered three drinks and the bartender said $10.) The surprising thing about Delux is that despite the fact that it is a dive, the atmosphere is always eclectic here on the weekends. Usually it is packed wall to wall to the point that you can barely even move which is surprising for a neighborhood bar. The food is of tex-mex sort, and keep in mind Delux Boston is CASH ONLY!

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