Game On Boston

AtmosphereGame On Boston has 90 plus HD TVs. Wow…That’s about 90,000 spent just on TVs. Just take a second to let that soak in….You done? Okay, besides that, the whole front at Game On Boston opens up in the summer and they have seating on the terrace which can be great people watching especially on game days. This is a large sized venue with 2 floors. One is meant more for the screaming drunk Red Sox fans which has a large four-sided bar and standing room all around. The other is more of a restaurant setting that does have a large bar also but more restaurant and booth seating. This room is actually very nice too with cool burnt orange hanging lights and an impressive backlit bar.

Address – 82 Lansdowne Street. Boston, MA 02215

Phone Number – 617-351-7001

Parking – 49 Lansdowne Street. (Pilgrim Parking)

Similar BarsSports Bars, Standard Bars

Surrounding BarsFenway/Kenmore Square

Dress Code – Lenient

Cover Charge – No

Sports on TV – Yes

Crowd – Late 20s early 30s (very mixed crowd, Red Sox bar)

Music –  Hip-hop, top 40 (downstairs)

Line – No

Dancing – Yes (downstairs)

Guy to Girl Ratio – 65/35 guys

Good Weekday Night – Monday – 25 cent wings starting at 6pm (not on game nights)

Thursday -Trivia Night

My Opinion – Fenway bars like this have quite a following. Game On is a nice place for true baseball fanatics. It’s great to go to before, during, or after a Sox game because everyone gets really into the games and it makes a good atmosphere. People are extremely dressed down with hats, jerseys, etc. so don’t come in with a blazer on and designer jeans because you will probably feel a little out of place. Great place to grab a bite and a drink though.

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One Response to “Game On Boston”

  1. Jaron

    This is THE place to be during Red Sox games. Come here during playoffs and you will have an outer body experience