Hong Kong Boston

Atmosphere – Bar/Club/Dive/Chinese restaurant? Hong Kong Bar Boston has it all. Wonderful. The interior decor is not very Asian as one may expect but more like something you would see in a dive bar (neon beer signs, sports memorabilia, crappy exposed brick and TVs.) It is not extremely upscale, but is far from a shit hole. I call it dive more so because it is inexpensive. Not because it is smelly, crappy or dingy inside. As far as size and layout, Hong Kong Boston is two floors, the first of which is the restaurant/bar area and the second floor is a little more open with a designated dance floor and far less seating. Both floors are pretty small as far as square footage is concerned thus making it somewhat difficult to move around when it gets crowded. There is a bar on the first and second floor.

Address – 65 Chatham St. Boston, MA 02109

Phone Number – 617-227-2226

Parking – 75 State Street Garage (located at 5 Broad St) (only $14) (Hong Kong Faneuil Hall Validates)

Closes – 2am

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Dress Code – Lenient

Cover Charge – Three tiers here: 1. Get there early enough and there’s no cover. 2. $5 to get in for downstairs and upstairs. 3. If it’s really busy on the weekends it’s $5 to get in and stay downstairs and to up to the top floor where the DJ is it’s an additional $10.

Sports on TV – Yes

Crowd – Early 20s to late 20s

Music – DJ, Hip hop, Dance, Top 40

Line – On a Friday or Saturday night there may be one but rarely does it get held up so you shoudn’t have to ever wait too long to get in.

Dancing – Yes

Guy to Girl Ratio – 60/40 guys

Promotions – $1 Draft, $1 Teriyaki, $1.50 Beef Teriyaki, $1.95 Appetizers, $3.50 Drink  Specials ALL THE TIME!!

Good Weekday Night – Monday Night Triviaoke – Team Trivia from 7-9pm. 1st place will receive a $40 gift certificate, followed by Karaoke from 9-close.

My Opinion – The one thing that may strike you the most about Hong Kong Faneuil Hall is that from the outside, you would swear it should be a restaurant in Chinatown. Then you walk in and the interior decor and set up has little, if anything to do with Hong Kong. I guess the point is that they’re the only bar around that you can eat Chinese food at while you drink, dance and party. I found it awesome that a guy walks around with $1 teriyaki sticks offering them up to all the patrons like they are franks at the ballpark. One thing to keep in mind is the place can get very crowded but I’d take crowded over empty any day of the week. If you go to Hong Kong Boston, it is a must that you have one of their huge scorpion bowls and you and your friends eat some of the food, which inevitably gets more delicious the more you drink.

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  1. Anonymous

    These people are a bunch of racist.

  2. Anonymous

    These people are a bunch of racist. I would suggest to take your business elsewhere.

  3. Bobby

    Would you like to elaborate on why the people at Hong Kong are racist?


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