How to Find YOUR Bar on HNL

Whether new to town or just turning 21, experiencing nightlife in a new city can be a daunting task. Even for myself, keeping track of everything Boston nightlife can be very tough and it’s my job! On this website, there are ratings for over 250 bars and I’m still finding new ones all the time! So I am going to briefly going to give you a tutorial on how to use this website to find new spots, and then hopefully y0u set out to try as many bars and clubs out as you possibly can. That way, after going to 70, 80, 90 or even 100 places that fit a description of what you might like, you can have the knowledge to fairly compare venues and know that you are not leaving stones unturned!

Despite my best efforts to keep this website as simple as possible, people I know that go on it all the time still do not understand how to use certain aspects of it. This mainly pertains to searching bars, clubs and lounges. Here are the four ways to find the bars that you want to go to on

1. Search Bar –  on the bottom of every page there is a little area that says search HNL. You can put the name of any bar in there and one of the top results should be the review for that bar.

2. Tabs on the Top of the Site – Boston Bars and Clubs > All Bars and Clubs. This like will show you a list of every bar and club in Boston in alphabetical order.

3. Tabs on the Top of the Site – Boston Bars and Clubs > By Area. Use this tab to search for bars and clubs in every area of Boston. From the Southie, to Faneuil, to the Back Bay to Fenway all the way over to Allston and Brighton, there is a list of each bar that resides in each neighborhood.

4. Tabs on Top of the Site – Boston Bars and Clubs > By Category. This is probably the most useful tab of any that have been created. The reason for this is because people are not usually concerned with going somewhere just because it is in a desired neighborhood. Most people that go in to Boston area coming from outside the city in a car so where they go is more dependent on the place fitting their desires and needs rather than throwing darts at a board to choose that night’s destination. This tab lets you choose from 11 categories (clubs & dance spots, college hangouts, dive bars, Irish pubs, live music, others, restaurant bars, sports bars, standard bars, upscale bars and upscale lounges) that encompass all of the main types of bars people like to go to. Instead of going to a dive bar, a club or a sports bar, you might want to go off the beaten path on a given night. If this is the case, click on the category named ‘Others’ and this will show you some other types of spots that are more specialized. In there we have places to play pool, cigar bars, hookah bars, dualing piano bars, bars with bowling, karaoke bars and even places to go after hours!

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