Hub Nightlife Update

We have a lot of things that have gone on in the Boston nightlife scene in the last year and this is the first of a few updates that will be taking place in the coming months. First, two awesome new places in Boston that I have completed reviews for are Gem Restaurant & Lounge which is Downtown and Lincoln Tavern which is located in the heart of South Boston. Both have been around for a bit now and are still thriving so definitely worthwhile places to check out. If you are into something a little out of the ordinary Gem has day parties on Sunday from 1-7…yes, in the afternoon. Lincoln has been become a go-to spot for Southie’s recognizable professional crowd and has been vibrant every time I have been there.

Now to the more negative aspect of the bar/club business. Places that have gone out of business. The Blue Wave Cafe has been replaced by Tavern Road (Review Coming Soon) and has a spectacular bar program under beverage director Ryan McGrale who has undisputedly been one of the best bartenders around for years. Also, Splash Ultra Lounge shut its doors following some issues of allegedly serving to under age people during private day parties. Another Boston staple that shut down was Felt Nightclub which had a great run but did end up coming to an end.

So now for the future, I will be doing about 10 new ratings in the next couple of months and if people have any tips or information on bars that will be opening or closing feel free to send along the information to us. Enjoy.

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2 Responses to “Hub Nightlife Update”

  1. Bobby

    Another club that I forgot to mention closed its doors is Whiskey Park which was in the Park Plaza Hotel in the Theater District

  2. J.Money

    Good stuff, B….looking forward to it! You know this site is a major reference tool for me lol! And I’m always recommending it to friends of mine….