Joeys Brighton

The SceneJoeys Brighton is a standard style bar in downtown Brighton that attracts a mixed crowd of locals. The space is fairly small, being just one square room on one level with the bathrooms and lottery machine up a small flight of stairs near the back. The back bar at Joeys Brighton is comprised of finished black wood, as black seems to be the theme in the rest of the establishment. The bar itself is colored in two tones of brown (light and dark brown) and it runs up the whole right side of the interior. To the left right when you walk in they have darts, and there is a digital shuffleboard game in the way back. They also have lottery, keno, a jukebox, 3 decent sized flat screen TVs (usually playing sports) and one huge flat screen TV. The rest of the establishment has high stools and tables (also all black) filling any other open space there would be.

Joey’s is a great neighborhood bar to stop into. It is not as rowdy and full of college students as many of the surrounding bars are so it does draw a specific, almost local feeling crowd. Take note of the fact that they do not have food here but the do keep takeout menus handy and encourage people to have food delivered there if they’d like to. The bartenders are funny as hell and the people who own and run Joeys Brighton are stand up people. Joey’s is a great bar to stop in to have a few drinks, play some games or just relax and catch a game.

Address – 416 Market Street. Brighton, MA 02135

Phone Number – 617-254-9381

Parking – Street parking

Similar BarsStandard Bars

Surrounding BarsBrighton

Dress Code – Lenient

Cover Charge – No

Sports on TV – Yes

Crowd – Mid 20s to mid 30s (less college students than most Allston/Brighton bars)

Music – Jukebox

Line – No

Dancing – No

Guy to Girl Ratio – 65/35 guys

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5 Responses to “Joeys Brighton”

  1. Vernon

    kind of divey but good place to stop in if you: A. want to drink every single day of your life and be an alcoholic. B. escape all of the college student-ridden bars surrounding here.

  2. Joey

    Underneath an apartment building, kind of reminds me of a convenient store from the outside. I love that they allow you to bring your own food, saves on $!

  3. Bobby

    HNL went to Joey’s and took pics of the inside the other day, posting them up soon. Inside is actually pretty nice contrary to what people seem to think, Joey’s is not a dive bar at all. It is small, but it is pretty nice on the inside.

  4. Lito

    Special thanks goes out to Jerry for providing HNL the inside scoop to this little oasis in Brighton!

  5. Abdullah Negro

    Joey is a racist bastard who is a republica a-hole . Do not support this dive as he is a racist asshole