Lansdowne Pub

AtmosphereThe Lansdowne Pub has a social atmosphere with large bar and live music, dance club setting on opposite side. In the main room the walls are red and mustard colored or exposed brick. The Lansdowne Pub also has lots of beautiful finished wood everywhere and really nice, almost medieval looking decor and interior design. Overall everything here is really nice and looks very new.

Address – 9 Lansdowne Street. Boston, MA 02215

Phone Number – 617-247-1222

Parking – 49 Lansdowne Street. (Pilgrim Parking Inc.)

Similar BarsIrish Pubs, Places to Dance, Standard Bars

Surrounding BarsFenway/Kenmore Square

Dress Code – Lenient

Cover Charge – $5

Sports on TV – Yes

Crowd – Mid 20s to early 30s

Music – Hip-hop on club side, on the bar side, live music depending on band, music style may vary, usually rock.

Line – Yes (Long lines arrive early or expect a long wait.)

Dancing – Yes

Guy to Girl Ratio – 60/40 guys

My Opinion – If you like live Bands and a social atmosphere with good drinks this is a good place for you to go out and have a few drinks with friends. The only negative about this place is it can get very crowded at times but that’s because they usually reach capactiy. Overall this is a good place to have a good time on a Friday or Saturday night because there is a million people there, good live music, a very cool atmosphere and 2 rooms to go in if you get bored with one or the other.

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One Response to “Lansdowne Pub”

  1. Mike Tanglese

    I went here with my main man Buttaz and we waited in line for legit 25 mins….wtf… place was packed inside too and there was a live band. Very hard to move from side to side in here.