Marina Bay Ocean Club

Atmosphere – Set outdoors, Marina Bay Ocean Club has probably one of the nicest atmospheres, if not the nicest of any place in or around Boston. If you have ever been to Miami or Las Vegas, this is the closest it gets to those types of places around here. Marina Bay Ocean Club has some of the best looking go-go dancers around. There are cabana VIPs, two or three DJs usually spinning, beach sand, small wading pools, volleyball courts, a basketball court, really good food and many bars.

Address – 333 Victory Road. Quincy, MA 02171

Phone Number – 617-689-0600

Parking – Abundance of free parking right next to Ocean Club in Marina Bay

Closes – 2am

Similar BarsOthers, Live Music, Places to Dance, Upscale Bars

Surrounding BarsBoston Outskirts

Dress Code – Strict

Cover Charge – $20-$30 (if it gets packed they raise it)

Sports on TV – Yes

Crowd – Mid 20s to late 30s

Music – House, dance, electro-beats, hip-hop,

Line –Yes  (Can get insane at times. Especially if you go on the opening night (Memorial Day weekend) or closing night (Sunday after Labor Day))

Dancing – Yes

Guy to Girl Ratio – 50/50

Industry Night/Good Weekday Night – Sundays

My OpinionMarina Bay Ocean Club (previously Water Works and Marina Bay Beach Club until Boston nightlife mogul Frank DePasquale purchased it) is one of the premier night spots of Boston/Quincy. The thing that really sticks out to me about this place is the average attractiveness of people there. It’s really not comparable to other places in Boston. Although it’s just a seasonal spot open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, it seems like all of the 9s and 10s wait until Marina Bay Ocean Club opens to go out in Boston. I don’t mean to overstate this fact, but if you have the opportunity I would highly recommend checking this spot out for yourself. Another thing I was really impressed with there was how good the music was that was playing. Some of the drawbacks of Marina Bay Ocean Club are definitely the line and the high cover charge. It cant tend to get cliquey in the sense that most people seem to be there in groups and almost come across as regulars but I can see how a place like this could generate repeat business. Also it is more of a bar/lounge spot, there is not a lot of dancing going on at any time which is a shame since they play such good music but there is plenty of room to dance at Marina Bay Ocean Club if your heart desires to do so.

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11 Responses to “Marina Bay Ocean Club”

  1. Nasim

    The best, love it !!! I actually get sad its only opened for limited time of the year, and not throughout the whole year.. but hey every time it opens up im there !!! …

  2. Billy

    When memorial day rolls around and this place opens is when the summer really begins. Hands down the best club spot in Boston. Killer music and probably more hot chicks per square foot than anywhere in MA.

  3. Amy

    Ridiculously long lines to get in this place and they tend to jack up the cover charge after 10 pm. Other than that probably still my favorite place to go in the summer.

  4. Frank the Tank

    Get there late afternoon when they have no cover charge, catch some rays and pre-game! Great spot.

  5. steve "fingas" kundicz

    just called and they said cover is $50. the dude said its everynight, but maybe only for tomorrow night cause its opening night.

  6. JohnG

    First time going by there this weekend for opening weekend. Music is definitely great with the acts they had for opening weekend. The venue itself is fun and different for Boston so really enjoyed it. One thing I’d argue in the review is about the attractive people waiting to come out. Lots of “Situations'” pushing their weight around. There’s a lot of short skirts but I’d really hold off on saying they are 9/10’s. It didn’t look like it really attracted an overly classy clientele. Will visit again though and see how it develops over the summer.

  7. J.Money

    Wow… went for the first time and its pretty amazing over there. VERY different from other Boston spots (def had that miami/on the beach kinda feel to it). It’s like an adult amusement park in there. And yes, the people in there are beautiful! I’m not really one for expensive places – I only went this time cause I got a hookup – but it looks like its worth the money…

  8. Privie App

    This place gets better and better every year. Every event they have is a live concert with a nightclub feel. Check it out using Boston’s very own nightlife app, Privie ) and see pics from the OC and other hot venues around!


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