Our House East

AtmosphereOur House East is a college bar with plenty of bar stool seating. This establishment also has a full bar and high dinning tables and chairs for those who wish to dine in. Our House East is located in between the Back Bay and Mission Hill and is seemingly hidden on the outside, making it so when you do enter you feel like you’re part of secret club who know about this place and its amazing deals and food specials!

Address – 52 Gainsborough Street. Boston, MA 02115

Phone Number – 617-236-1890

Parking – 10 Gainsborough Street. (Gainsborough Garage)

Similar BarsCollege Hangouts, Standard Bars

Surrounding BarsMission Hill, Back Bay

Dress Code – Lenient

Cover Charge – No

Sports on TV – Yes

Crowd – Early 20s to early 30s

Music – Top 40, hip-hop, pop

Line – No

Dancing – No

Guy to Girl Ratio –50/50

Promotions – Monday-Friday – $3.95 Hungry Hour (5-7 pm)

Industry Night/Good Weekday Night – Sunday – $1 Burgers (8-11 pm). Also Cornhole and Ladder Golf Tournaments

Monday – 25 cent wing (minimum 10) with purchase of a pitcher. Also Ping Pong/Beirut Tournaments.

Tuesday – $2 1-topping Pizza (with purchase of pitcher) between 8-11 pm. Also Karaoke at 10 pm.

Wednesday – Karaoke at 10 pm.

Thursday – Free pizza from 9-11 pm!!!

My Opinion – If your a college kid in the area who needs a break from the books or just simply looking for a good time this is the perfect place for you. The drinks here are cheap and the same goes for the food here as well. If you are looking for a brief escape from your normal day I would suggest you stop by Our House East.

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4 Responses to “Our House East”

  1. Ross

    FREE PIZZA ON THURSDAYS, i go as many thursdays as possible for this reason. also like playing pong, you use water in the cups so you arent sharing beer with a bunch of random guys which is good

  2. JA

    This Friday, I was persuaded to try to get into Our House East at 1:15 a.m. after a night out at another bar.

    While waiting in a barely-moving line in the rain for 25 minutes, I started talking to one girl who was rejected at the door because she had an out-of-state ID and no photo back-ups. I thought this was ridiculous, but stayed in line because even though I, too, have an out-of-state license, I had my Northeastern photo ID with me for back-up.

    When my friend and I finally reached the entrance, the doorman asked for my license and then a back-up. I wasn’t surprised because I had been warned. But then the doorman asked another worker what color he thought my eyes were. The worker said green/hazel. My license says blue. The doorman proceeded to confiscate both of my IDs and told me the only way I could get them back was if I was able to get a police officer to come verify them for me. He refused to ask me any questions from my license, look at my credit or debit cards that also have my name, or even look at my Facebook photos on my phone to prove that the IDs were really mine. My friend and I were forced to stand in the rain for an hour trying to call the Boston Police to send a cruiser to come help us. They said they wouldn’t send anyone because it wasn’t an emergency, but I would not be able to get into my dorm without the student ID that was confiscated.

    I am 22 years old. Both of my IDs were real, mine, and valid. The treatment I received from the Our House doormen was outrageous. When a policeman happened to drive by an hour later and helped me get my IDs back, Our House had nothing to say about wrongfully accusing me. No apology. Nothing.

    Please, I urge everyone to avoid this bar at all costs. Nothing but misery awaits you if you try to go there, I assure you. Connors and Punters are much better options for Northeastern students, and any of the Boylston St. bars are far superior for anyone else looking for a fun night out. Imagine how your night will go if your IDs are taken. I didn’t think mine could be taken either. I’m past legal drinking age and had two real photo IDs that belonged to me. Apparently my eyes looked too green that night. And what a horrible night it turned out to be.


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