Storyville Boston

The Scene – Occupying the space that was once Saint, Storyville Boston is one of Boston’s newest nightlife additions (Oct. 2011) and is really setting the standard for Boston nightlife which seems to be trending a little bit away from the college clubs and towards upscale nightlife with a far more sophisticated clientele looking for something more. Upon entering the speakeasy-feeling Storyville Boston, you will go down a set of stairs and either go through a door straight ahead to the right (which is the classy Bordello Room) or a door to the left which is the entrance to the main space. In the Bordello room, there is a large bar that takes up the whole right side of the long, narrow room. Along the whole left side of the room is lounge-style black leather seating. This room is a tad more lit than the main space and has more of the old school New Orleans jazz club speakeasy feeling to it with dark reds, blacks, golds, an amazing back bar and Storyville’s signature fleur de lis painted all over the ceiling. In the main room we have a small utility bar to the right when you walk in. If you look straight ahead from there you will see another entrance to the Bordello Room to the right of this bar, a DJ booth on the right wall and plenty of VIP areas past the DJ Booth and some more running adjacent that split up the middle of the room. Now if you walk to the left you will see a couple more VIP areas and a large bar taking up the whole left wall of the main room. This room is characterized by a bit of a darker feel with beautiful leather seating, fleur de lis black wallpaper, mirrors on the ceiling and awesome red lighting accents on the walls, ceilings and under the bar. The space itself might be one of the edgiest, most attractive interiors in Boston right now. Enough about the space for a second though because what is really special about Storyville is the attractive, monied, civilized crowd it brings in. Basically, they are not letting someone in that’s 22 years old wearing a baggy Abercrombie button down, jeans that don’t fit and $35 black shoes they got from Target. If you do not look the part, you will not gain entry and there is something very attractive about exclusivity to the patrons of this new Boston hot spot. Plus no cover charge, free coat check and a drink menu that is possibly the best in the whole city right now. I think Storyville might be on to something.

Address – 90 Exeter Street. Boston, MA 02116

Phone – 617-236-1134

Parking – 800 Boylston Street (Prudential Center Parking Garage) There is also an entrance right across from the entrance of Storyville to park in this garage.

Closes – 10-2 (Wed, Thurs) 9-2 (Fri, Sat)

Similar Bars – Lounges, Upscale Bars, Places to Dance, Live Music

Surrounding BarsBack Bay/Boylston

Dress Code – Strict

Cover Charge – No (Surprisingly)

Crowd – Late 20s to Early 40s (Upscale Professional Back Bay Crowd)

Music – Depends on the Night. During the week they have more relaxing music in the Bordello Room and live music in Wednesdays. Once Thursdays come around the main room in Storyville opens up and there is a DJ that plays dance music but it is usually pretty light on the hip hop and reggae.

Line – Yes. Can start to get long by 11 so come early.

Dancing – Yes (Thurs-Sun)

Guy to Girl Ratio –60/40 girls!

Best Nights – Thursday, Friday & Saturday

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3 Responses to “Storyville Boston”

  1. Johanna M

    I go here a lot on fridays and saturdays and the crowd is really good. It consists of mostly an older more sophisticated crowd so I don’t have to worry too much about little club rat 22 year olds trying to grind up on me all night. I also love the fact they have no cover and the drink prices are reasonable for a club with a bud light being $6 and a rum and coke $10. The only problem I found was the line forms really early so I would make it a point to be there before 10:15 if you don’t want to freeze your ass off.

  2. Privie App

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  3. Alex

    Great thats there is no cover! BUT older croud- late 20’s. Also, very diverse crowd. Felt like the club itself was VERY small.

    Wouldn’t go back.