The Brahmin Boston

November 25th, 2011, 03:11:49 Bobby

In the US, the term Brahmin has been applied to the old, wealthy New England families of British Protestant origin that were influential in the development and leadership of science, arts, culture, politics, trade, and academia. I think the name fits the venue well. I think the name fits this venue just right.


Clerys Boston

May 18th, 2011, 04:05:17 Bobby

Clerys Boston is a nice bar with an inviting atmosphere located on the edge of the South End and Back Bay neighborhoods of Boston. It mostly attracts a crowd of young professionals in their mid to late 20s.


28 Degrees Boston

May 7th, 2011, 06:05:54 Bobby

28 Degrees Boston is a sharp, elegant bar/lounge located in the South End that attracts a sophisticated crowd of professionals mostly in their 30s and 40s.


The Gallows Boston

April 8th, 2011, 10:04:15 Lito

The bar scene at The Gallows Boston is lively, featuring mostly a sophisticated crowd of 30 and 40 somethings. There is a very upscale, cozy feeling created from the lighting and the light shades of wood they use all around. The decor is very simple but almost has an upscale cabin-in-the-woods feeling. The panorama of the Cathedral of Holy Cross at the bar is a really nice touch. The bartenders really knows what they are doing and they have some neat drinks on their menu. The Gallows Boston is a great place to bring a date to the bar if you don’t mind spending a couple extra bucks.


Noche Boston

April 8th, 2011, 10:04:36 Lito

If you’re looking for a place to spend a romantic, classy, and elegant evening with a special someone then Noche is the place to be. It’s certainly aesthetically pleasing with all the low dim lights shining on top of the bar and throughout the restuarant. Like most places of this nature, make sure to bring your wallet (especially if you are grabbing a bite to eat because they don’t have a dollar menu.) One thing that took me by surprise when I first went here was that some people were grooving a little bit because they were playing good music. Not a dance spot but the music is not bad at all. Overall, Noche is a chic, modern feeling South End restaurant bar that is very upscale and attracts a smart, older, professional crowd.


Delux Boston

April 8th, 2011, 09:04:56 Bobby

Delux is off the beaten path in South End, pretty close to Back Bay and the Theater District. The place has cheap drinks (pretty sure I ordered three drinks and the bartender said $10.) The surprising thing about Delux is that despite the fact that it is a dive, the atmosphere is always eclectic here on the weekends. Usually it is packed wall to wall to the point that you can barely even move which is surprising for a neighborhood bar. The food is of tex-mex sort, and keep in mind it is CASH ONLY!


Beehive Boston

April 8th, 2011, 07:04:39 Bobby

Beehive Boston is a buzzing, swanky restaurant/bar in the South End that brings in a crowd of professionals in their late 20s to late 30s.


Brownstone Boston

April 8th, 2011, 06:04:47 Bobby

Brownstone Boston is a modern, classy restaurant bar on the border of the Back Bay and South End neighborhoods that attracts mostly a crowd of young professionals.


Coda Boston

April 8th, 2011, 04:04:20 Bobby

Atmosphere – Coda Boston is a nice looking place on inside. The decor and ambiance is pretty standard as far as a Back Bay/South End bar goes.The interior of Coda Boston has that elegant, South End sort of brownstone feel (hopefully that makes sense to you.) The are wooden floors, yellow and red paint, cool […]


Darryls Corner Bar

April 8th, 2011, 03:04:33 Tyrell

Atmosphere – Darryls Corner Bar is a beautiful, fairly new restaurant/bar with a contemporary theme. There is a full bar and dining areas with plenty of seating. There are vibrant colors and unique designs throughout the bar area. Darryls Corner Bar is also full or brick and tile decor which gives this venue extra taste. […]


JJ Foleys South End

April 8th, 2011, 12:04:40 Bobby

Atmosphere – JJ Foleys South End is a nice little Irish Pub/Restaurant located in the South End neighborhood of Boston. Exposed brick, finished wood (on the bar, columns, tables and even some paneling on the wall) all create a nice clean atmosphere. JJ Foleys South End has 2 sides, one is more so the restaurant […]


Slades Bar and Grill

April 8th, 2011, 07:04:32 Bobby

The Low Down – Slades Bar and Grill has an upbeat, lively atmosphere. The interior has a simple set up, bar, stage, restaurant seating, and it is somewhere in between a small and medium sized venue. The comedy shows at Slades Bar and Grill are a huge draw, and the food (mostly soul food) is  good […]