VH1 Airs Wicked Single St Paddy’s Day!

Wicked Single Group


For better or for worse, there will be another Boston reality show making its way on to VH1 this Sunday night (St. Patrick’s Day) at 11. The show will be called “Wicked Single” and will feature a group in their late 20s and early 30s who are all single and trying to figure out how to manage their careers, dating lives and rippin drinks and doing molly on the weekends (and some weeknights) all at once. I always watch at least a few episodes of any show based in Boston just because I grew up in MA and reside in Boston so we’ll see if this one has any chance of capturing my attention. I will admit I was an avid Jersey Shore fan the first season when it was just about them getting crushed, hooking up with whatever chick that had a pulse at Karma, brawling at bars and not to mention the infamous Snooki incident. BUT… once it got all emotional and they started discussing their feelings too much and weren’t looking to fight everyone I got over the show quickly. Either way, I will give Wicked Single the benefit of the doubt and hopefully there will be some haymakers thrown in the first episode. Aaaand not those completely fake kind of fights that are always staged on reality TV these days either. I want the real thing or I’m deleting the episode, stopping the series recording and never watching again.


Click here to watch the trailer

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