Whos on First Boston

The Low DownWhos on First Boston is all about R-E-D-S-O-X…..this is really just a Red Sox bar. Red Sox stuff everywhere. With lots of open space, a big bar, TVs everywhere, it definitely fits the Fenway Park area’s new profile of only sports bars. Whos on First Boston gets pretty wild during the Sox games and is one of the best bars in Boston to watch and be as close to the action as possible. There is usually a lot of chicks here, plenty of TVs to watch the game and pleny of beer to drink. Bring your Sox jersey and have a blast.

Address – 19 Yawkey Way. Boston, MA 02215

Phone Number – 617-247-3353

Parking – 121 Brookline Avenue. (VIP Parking) at (You can always look for spots on Beacon, Brookline or Overland also)

Closes – 2am

Similar BarsSports Bars

Surrounding BarsFenway

Dress Code – Lenient

Cover Charge – Sometimes

Sports on TV – Yes

Crowd – Early to late 20s (lots of college students)

Music – DJ some nights. top 40, 80s, 90s, rock

Line – Yes  (Sometimes)

Dancing – Yes

Guy to Girl Ratio – 55/45 guys

Industry Night/Good Weekday Night – Red Sox Game Days

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2 Responses to “Whos on First Boston”

  1. Youk

    Obviously this is a sports bar that is always filled when there is a Red Sox game. I’ve been here before I went to a game once, if you want a seat it can get crowded so come early.

  2. Jeremy T

    ^^ LOL Youk? ^^ I bet… anyways, not the nicest of all the sports bars around here but drinks are usually a little cheaper. Good place